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A Guide to Enjoying Business and Culture in Tijuana, Mexico and Southern California

Why Choose Tijuana, San Diego, and Border Assembly, Inc.?

The money comes back . . .

If you’re looking for an edge in business, a better profit margin, and a more enjoyable way to spend your leisure time, we urge you to consider the San Diego/Baja California region.Manufacturing in Tijuana, Mexico has helped hundreds of companies realize the best opportunity for growth possible. Border Assembly’s corporate shelter program fine tunes the process and maximizes your potential. If you are considering offshore manufacturing, are overly burdened by unfriendly business regulations, having trouble remaining profitable, or simply desire to get out of the cold and experience some new scenery, we invite you to visit our region and explore the maquiladora option. We’ll gladly give you a tour of our factories, where you’ll find smiling, happy faces, excellent working conditions and employee morale, skilled, fast, conscientious production, and a much-improved bottom line.

Unlike many offshore manufacturing locations, Tijuana has superior logistics, a well-established transportation infrastructure, a near-perfect climate, and an unusual socio-economic dynamic. Because Tijuana and San Diego are so commercially and socially linked, the money paid to maquila workers actually filters back into the US economy. And not just nickels and dimes, but billions of dollars annually. To us, that’s keeping it in the family, and while we don’t like to see US jobs lost, we like to think we’re benefiting both sides of the border. Indeed, many business owners with factories in both the United States and Mexico have profited so greatly from their Mexican operation their American firm remained solvent and realized increased success.

There’s so much this region has to offer in terms of business opportunity, culture, leisure time activities, and long term potential. Again, we invite you to share the wealth and splendor, and look forward to hearing from you!

Buena suerte.

The Staff of Border Assembly, Inc. (BAI)