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A Guide to Enjoying Business and Culture in Tijuana, Mexico and Southern California

The Mexican Labor Pool

Employee Extraordinaire

There’s a reason Tijuana is the television-making capital of the world. The conscientious, highly-skilled workforce is perfectly suited to produce electronics in as fine a quality as anywhere in the world. Other products manufactured or assembled in maquiladoras include computers and components, food, textiles, apparel, shoes, furniture, chemical products, automobiles, equipment and accessories, tools, toys, and sporting goods.

Young, diverse, focused, even-tempered, hard-working individuals are the backbone of the successful maquiladora industry. While wages may appear inordinately low compared to those of the U.S., the cost of living is substantially less in Mexico, and maquila workers enjoy numerous benefits including housing and transportation allowances, profit-sharing, paid vacations, health care, and performance bonuses. Maquiladoras in the Mexican state of Baja California alone employ more than 200,000 people, and the border economy has grown by leaps and bounds since the American-owned factories flourished in the 1980s.

Border Crossing and Customs

Take the BAI Express

There are plenty of options for manufacturers in Mexico and worldwide, but why risk being so far from the continental United States and why spend twice the amount for transporting finished products when Tijuana offers the most logistically sound alternative? In addition to being just a short drive from San Diego, Tijuana represents an excellent opportunity to reap the reduced cost and superior quality benefits of Mexico while providing excellent access to U.S. and Pacific Rim markets. A well-established highway infrastructure, as well as superior transportation links by air and sea, make Tijuana the logical choice for producing your goods.

Through its corporate shelter program, Border Assembly, Inc. takes the challenge and guesswork out of your cross-border shipping, handling all customs arrangements, licenses and permits. While American maquiladora owners doing things themselves struggle with complex tariff structures and permits required for shipping across the border, BAI clients are afforded the time to spend on other aspects of their business, or better yet, leisureactivities.


Leave your Calculator at Home

Immense challenges if you choose to establish a maquiladora in Tijuana yourself. A no-brainer if you use BAI’s corporate shelter program. The laws and regulations change on both sides of the border, but the profits remain consistently good provided your precious time isn’t consumed by trying to keep up with the modifications and making necessary adjustments. Border Assembly takes care of that, so you can enjoy the multitude of activities the region has to offer.