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A Guide to Enjoying Business and Culture in Tijuana, Mexico and Southern California

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“The most visited city….”

There’s a reason Tijuana is “the world’s most visited city in the world.” Actually, many more than one. Between duty-free shopping, enjoying the superb cuisine, listening to live, endemic music that can only be heard in Mexico, and betting on Jai Alai, horses, dog races, and any major sporting event game taking place anywhere in the world, Tijuana has lots to offer. While more U.S. tourists visit Tijuana than any other foreign city in the world, most stay only a few hours. That tends to be enough for most visitors, simply because there is so much to do in such a relatively small section of the city just a short walk from the border.

Replete with the colors, sounds and sensory stimulation offered by cultures worlds away from the U.S., Tijuana allows visitors the opportunity to experience its unique blend of energy and charm with just a brief car or trolley ride from downtown San Diego.


Welcome to Tijuana, Mexico, One of the Most Commercially and Culturally Dynamic Regions in the World!

Inside you’ll find tips on the best way to open a manufacturing operation in Tijuana, Mexico, reaping the benefits of a highly skilled, affordable labor pool, ample industrial space, excellent commercial infrastructure, business-friendly tax structures, and logistical advantages for servicing U.S. and Pacific Rim markets that far exceed other options. You’ll also discover the immense array of leisure time activities available to you both within Tijuana and in close proximity to this exciting location to do business in. Some of the region’s best attractions, easily accessible by car or short plane ride, include:

  • World-class fishing and golf
  • Excellent cuisine
  • Great music and spectacular nightlife
  • A wide array of outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, sailing, and horseback riding
  • The magic and allure of Las Vegas, Palm Springs, the Grand Canyon

And so much more!

We invite you to join us to profit from all the business opportunity and leisure possibilities this region has to offer. With the best climate in North America, a multitude of fun things to do, and a highly-efficient
program designed to get your factory up and running in Tijuana in no time, we have a lot to share! Enjoy the tour, and we hope to see you soon.

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