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Mexico Manufacturing the Border Assembly way!

Mexico manufacturing by foreign-owned companies is typically achieved by one of three ways. If you have the financial resources and lots of patience and time, you can hire consultants, bilingual staff and embark on Mexico manufacturing yourself. With money to burn, many Fortune 500 companies choose this route. Another option is to hire a contract manufacturer, if you can find a reliable one, but you’ll likely sacrifice some production control of your products made in Mexico. Another method, and one we’re sure is the easiest and most cost effective way to establish a maquilador in Mexico, is to use the corporate shelter program offered by Border Assembly. We offer the following services, designed to ensure your pursuit of manufacturing in Mexico is efficient and rewarding.

The Corporate Shelter Program

The safest bet for manufacturing in Tijuana, Mexico. We source appropriate facilities and let you choose the one you like. Then we lease it for you, take care of all permits and licenses, hire the work force, set up administration, accounting, taxes, and payroll, and ensure compliance with all applicable Mexican laws and regulations, including NAFTA. We do customs and transportation arrangements, and provide full-time, ongoing administrative services. You provide a production supervisor, and the machinery and materials required to do the work, we do the rest. Mexico manufacturing can’t get any more efficient.

Start-up Assistance

Border Assembly will lease a facility that you select, handle all permitting, licensing andNAFTA compliance, hire the work force, set-up payroll, tax and administrative procedures, and perform everything it takes to get you manufacturing in Mexico quickly and efficiently. The average time it takes for Border Assembly to get a client up and running is 6 weeks. Your supervisor runs the production operation.

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Why Tijuana, Mexico?

Sure, there are other options, but given its superior logistics, including better access to California and Pacific Rim markets, proximity to San Diego and Los Angeles, highly skilled workforce, better shipping options (including truck, rail, air and sea) and fully established manufacturing infrastructure, Tijuana is by far the best location for Mexico manufacturing. In fact, more companies have chosen Tijuana for establishing a maquiladora than any other single city or state in all of Mexico! Visit made in Mexico to get start-up tips and information on the maquiladora industry. Want to find out if manufacturing in Tijuana is right for your company?