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“Made In Mexico”

Products “made in Mexico” have become synonymous with both first-rate quality and increased corporate profits. Since NAFTA was implemented in 1994, the maquiladora industry has been booming, and consumer goods made in Mexico have increased in complexity and quality. A skilled, conscientious Mexican work force and continuing upgrades in infrastructure have greatly enhanced the efficiency and value of products made in Mexico and manufacturing south of the border.

  • Total # of Maquiladoras in Mexico: 2,805
  • Total # of Employees: 1,223,532
  • Total # of Maquiladoras in Baja California: 904
  • Total # of Employees: 254,095
  • Total # of Maquiladoras in Tijuana: 577 (INEGI 1/06)
  • Total # of Employees: 162,367 (INEGI 1/06)
  • Mexico is the number one partner with the U.S. in the electronics trade.
  • Twenty five percent of imported U.S. automotive parts come from Mexico.
  • Mexico manufacturing accounts for more textiles and apparel supplied to the U.S. than any other country.
  • Tijuana has more maquiladoras than any other city in the Mexico, and is the television-making capital of the world.
  • Products made in Mexico include food, textiles, apparel, shoes, furniture, chemical products, automobile equipment and accessories, tools, electronics, toys, and sporting goods, among others*.

Tips for establishing a Maquiladora in Tijuana:

  • Know your numbers. If you have a labor-intensive manufacturing business (50 assembly workers or more) and payroll accounts for at least 15% of your production overhead, consider having your product made in Mexico. Is a maquiladora right for your company? Find out by requesting more info.
  • Explore the options associated with manufacturing in Mexico. Weigh the costs, efficiency and establishment time of doing everything yourself, finding a contract manufacturer, or hiring a corporate shelter service provider, such as Border Assembly. Whatever option you choose, if your product is made in Mexico, you can expect high quality and excellent output.
  • Visit some maquiladoras yourself (we’d be glad to show you some of ours), and talk to operators of existing facilities to see if Mexico manufacturing is right for your business. If you’d like to receive more information in the mail on Tijuana, Mexico manufacturing, and products made in Mexico, send us a request for more info or a free cost estimate.

* Unless noted otherwise, all information is current as of 7/06 as reported by INEGI
(Instituto Nacional de Estadística Geografía e Informática of Mexico).