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MAQUILADORAS CASE STUDIES: A manufacturer of fiber optic cables and systems

Case Study #3

A manufacturer of fiber optic cables and systems from the northeastern United States found too many challenges associated with expanding in their former location.

Company Three came to Border Assembly three years ago with plans to grow but too many financial limitations facing them at its exiting location. With 20 employees and big aspirations, Border Assembly found this client a 25,000 square foot building and got them started in Tijuana after two months of preparation.

Company Three was able to expand rapidly under Border Assembly’s corporate shelter program, and presently occupies four buildings in Tijuana totaling 48,000 square feet. The company employs more than 300 skilled workers, and has recently been acquired by a larger fiber optic corporation. New owners of the operation were so impressed with the performance of Company Three’s staff they wanted to ensure they remained with the company and gave all employees retainer bonuses once the acquisition was completed. Full medical benefits, profit-sharing, paid vacations and holidays, and other benefits Company Three’s personnel enjoyed also transferred with the new ownership.

In just under three years in a Border Assembly established maquiladora, Company Three was able to dramatically improve its production, efficiency, and profits, increase its staff in size 15 times, nearly double their production space, and become large, diverse and profitable enough to attract the interest of the company that bought them, a leading global network infrastructure corporation with over 8,000 employees worldwide and sales that top one billion dollars a year.

Border Assembly has established successful maquiladoras for more than 60 companies. Is it right for yours? Give us a call at (915) 534 4252 or fill out our info request form. We’ll gladly answer any of your questions, send you more information, or provide you with a free cost estimate.

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