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MAQUILADORAS CASE STUDIES: A manufacturer of foam building products and custom packaging

Case Study #2

A manufacturer of foam building products and custom packaging occupied five buildings in California and couldn’t find a single structure as large and as cost-effective enough to move operations under one roof.

Company Two employs approximately one hundred people and manufactures a diverse line of foam products for building and custom packaging. Saddled with high worker’s comp costs, overregulation subjected to California businesses, and expensive lease rates due to inflated real estate values, Company Two looked for better options in California and other locations, but couldn’t find a viable alternative to its existing situation. Occupying five separate buildings, the company wanted to move all operations under one roof. When they had trouble finding a building large enough to accommodate its operations, they contacted Border Assembly to consider the corporate shelter and maquiladora option.

In 30 days, Border Assembly was able to find a suitable building in Tijuana (97,000 square feet), file all necessary paperwork, begin moving their manufacturing equipment, and get Company Two up and running in their own maquiladora.

Company Two has realized increased profitability while remaining in relatively the same geographic region they moved from, with excellent access to its existing markets and a workforce of one hundred conscientious employees. Its staff enjoys profit sharing, complete health insurance for their families, paid holidays and vacations, among other benefits.

By moving its operation under one roof, Company Two has improved quality control over its product line, better productivity, and overall, a more efficient operation.

Border Assembly has established successful maquiladoras for more than 60 companies. Is it right for yours? Give us a call at (915) 534 4252 or fill out our info request form. We’ll gladly answer any of your questions, send you more information, or provide you with a free cost estimate.

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