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Manufacturing in Mexico

Manufacturing in Mexico has never been easier since Border Assembly perfected it’s corporate shelter program. An American company located in San Diego, California, Border Assembly has more than three decades of experience, helping United States and international manufacturing firms reap the benefits of NAFTA and manufacturing in Mexico.

A foreign-owned factory in Mexico designed to import materials and export products, is commonly known as a maquiladora, maquila, or twin plant. Manufacturing in Mexico in a maquiladora is profitable, yielding high quality, and expedited production at a fraction of the cost of other options. If you want your product made in Mexico, Border Assembly can help you establish a maquiladora quickly and with minimal effort and capital expense on your part. To maximize the benefits of manufacturing in Mexico, with superior logistics a focus, we establish all client factories through our corporate shelter program in Tijuana.

While NAFTA has facilitated manufacturing in Mexico, the challenge of cultural and language differences remains as
a stumbling block for many business owners considering a maquiladora. Border Assembly’s corporate shelter program allows us to set up the maquiladora and handle all labor, legal, and administrative tasks, while you maintain control of production quality. Our service will enable you to manufacture in Mexico with the following benefits:

* Border Assembly handles ALL contact with Mexico. This includes permitting and licensing, regulatory compliance, staffing, facility leasing, and legal issues. You provide equipment and materials for manufacturing your product in Mexico, a maquiladora production supervisor, and Border Assembly does the rest.

* Rapid start-up. With Border Assembly’s corporate shelter program, most of our clients have gotten up and running in about six weeks.

* Minimal start-up expenses.

* Labor savings of 50% or more. Border Assembly’s corporate shelter service will cut your production overhead labor cost in half or more, while allowing you to maintain control of product quality. How much can you save? Why not let us give you a free cost estimate?

What can Border Assembly do for your company? Check out our Mexico manufacturing page.

There’s a reason nearly every Fortune 500 company has a maquiladora in Mexico. For more information on NAFTA, the maquiladora industry and tips on manufacturing establishment, visit our Made in Mexico page.